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In the words of Napoleon Hill “First comes thought, then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans, then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination”.

We as human are being gifted with many special power and senses, than any other organisms do. IMAGINATION is one of them, a very creative and effective power in human, which actually motivates us, shows us the path which leads us to success.

It's our imagination which showers the tremendous power to create the splendid art, technology, and many other things which we can't even think. Imagination has the talent which actually motivates us to give shape to our dreams and turn them true. It's our imagination due to which we are able to experience the whole world in our mind. It gives us an opportunity to see the situation with different point of view. With the help of the imagination power we can be the king of country, could step on moon, can travel anywhere in the world etc. Imagination is not limited to seeing pictures, it includes our senses and feelings also as a girl aspiring in beauty contest often imagine herself as Ashwariya Rai or next miss world. It's our imagination which inspires us to prove our ability and reach the target.

At times it has been observed that a powerful creative imagination can increase the potentials of a human. A strong creative imagination helps you to open your mind in exploring new things, facts, guide us to think of offbeat ways to tackle a problem, make something that is hard easier. It allows us to innovate things and explore the world. It is the imagination of a person which is being used by them to create new languages, innovations, arts, stories, customs etc. It has the power to see deep into the secrets of nature, peer beyond the ordinary and explore into the abstract worlds.

Imagination is unique to mankind only as they are only blessed with the supreme power of imagination. This is what makes us human, the ability to dream or imagine a thing or project and execute it successfully. It is a unique sense that makes people aware of much more things & facts. A developed and strong imagination strengthens our creative ability and act as a great tool in recreating and remodeling our world and life. If once we come to know that how can we use our imagination correctly, and use the knowledge correctly for ours and others benefit, it will surely take us to the golden path of success, satisfaction, happiness.

We can also develop a strong creative imagination in ourselves:-

We should try to build upon the ideas of other people, should try to improve and refine them, should try to develop the interest and natural talents, and should be curious to learn things which are new and attractive. One should always look for new innovations that they can improve upon. One should try to be in touch with creative people and with those who discuss things rather than talking on them. The world is full of amazing wonders and things to learn. Try to use the power in creating new and better world by learning and focusing the amazing wonders and things.

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