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There is lot to talk about BLACK HOME.. There is a lot inside me but from where to begin is a question..Like every other person, even I was ignorant about remand homes in India  and of course there is nothing in remand homes which can interest anybody, after all it is a jail of miner criminals..

Yes a jail, a hell, where pain and agony slays humanitarian, where hunger and starvation are partners in the place called Remand Home.

This movie is my realization of what I have seen and experienced in my journey of the research on black homes. I met so many children from various remand homes. I could interview many of them. I could meet some of the children who are now not in remand home but spent their maximum years in side.

I met some staff of remand homes. The communication with them rarely was a very concerned experience and most of the time it was a worst experience.

In remand homes there are orphans, street kids, single parent kids, poor parent kids and miner criminals too. We never knew this fact. When these kids come out after 18 years of age, they don't have pan card, adhaar card, ration card, bank account, no house, no proper education, no money in the pocket., no references, no relatives plus a letter in hand that this boy or girl is from remand home, who will give her or him a job or who will keep them in any house? So what these kids are suppose to do? Become criminals and prostitutes?
I was thankful to god for giving me a secure life with parents, affection, care, concern family, love, education and strong support. This realization is a part of Black Home.

Mental, physical and sexual exploitation is a common practice in boy's remand homes, so can you imagine the girl's remand home? I read so many real stories in the news papers, internet on famous news sites and in past four years I met so many children.. it was really tough to break them to talk about their past and current happenings. Girls said a lot of stories about exploitation inside for a single chapatti.

A boy has become a gay now only because he was raped so much inside that now he practices as a gay prostitute but at the same time he likes to have sex with miner girls. I was shocked to hear this. There are many more gruesome, shocking and unbelievable real stories like this. The exploitation is only for hunger. And no one wants to do anything about it or talk about it. And the best part is, it is all happening in front of us, around us but still we are so ignorant about it.   

If our child is slapped by any outsider, we will question the person who did it but in remand homes kids vanishes and no one asks. Coz no one is bothered about it. Coz these kids don't exist in this world. They are unwanted dust of the society.

Then came across other side of the society.. antisocial elements. They are least interested in any other thing than money. They are professional flesh traders. I could get a chance to reach one of them. Their business is to smuggle girls from Bangladesh and other state borders of India to Mumbai and sell these girls and boys in to brothels or export these children to abroad.

He told me asian and aftican kids are exported the most and india is one of the largest supplier. “130 karod ki aabadi me Din ka pachchis pachaas bachchaa kidhar jaata hai kisko maalum aur kisko padi hai?” I was shocked to hear this statement. And the requirement of the age is 8 to 14.. this age sales the most. He said “you won't be able to prove anything and no one will get caught. Everything is set.”Saab idhar ham badlenge.. ladkiyan badlegi.. sab badal jaayega. Lekin ye chamdi ka dhanda kabhi band nahi hoga..”

I felt this is so inhuman.. where are those social activist sleeping? Where are those human rights ngo's are hiding.. ? They all know if they get in to this they all will be dead.. so they won't get in to it.
So I felt I should make this film.

The task

There were many tasks,

The research :

Usually no one likes to talk about their past or wrong happenings about their life to some unknown person. My one of the producer is from remand home background. He has seen worst part of life and his only mission was to show it to the world what he has seen. Just one wish and nothing in hand, no money, no production house, no background, and somehow he met me. Someone told him that I am a writer and I can give him a story.

He took me and my research team to all the remand homes and introduced so many children. Because there was very less money the research was tough. Also to make these victims and accused talk about it was again the most difficult part of it. Sometimes it took hours and days to do so.

The making of the film

On set when you are shooting with 130 girls below 18. It is tough to handle them. As all these girls are from a good background. Those were not remand home girls. Those girls were actors. So to explain them about the hunger, starvation, exploitation and molestation was really a tough job.

How could you explain a miner about molestation?  It is against your ethics to talk something like this to a small girl. I had to take the help of their parents. I spoke to them about everything and made them understand the subject. I also made them sit on the monitor when I was shooting sensitive scenes. 

I had become so vulnerable while shooting that I was worried about the kids acting in the movies if someone molest any girl on the set. You never know there are 200 people around you working.. and it was our responsibility to take care of these girls. So there were parents of these kids on the set and also there were few bouncers too on the set to take care of these girls.

Also this movie was not a big budget movie when we started.. so to convince all senior professionals and known actors was also a tough task. We knew that the movie will take time but we were sure about it.

Now there are people who are coming forward and supporting this movie in many ways as they all are realizing that this movie is not just a movie it's a process and this is for a cause. We all are part of this society and it is our duty to do something for the society. If we really want our families our daughter and sisters to be safe we will have to react now. It is high time that we have to react.

We are also planning for a campaign of NO MORE BLACK HOMES. Media is also supporting this movie for a cause and this campaign is for the respect of women. Lets talk openly now about the molestation and lets talk about the people who are doing this unlawful act. We are also approaching Indian police department to get involved in this campaign. Any person who is sensitive and has emotions towards small children will become a part of BLACK HOME in support.

So this movie is a need of the society to create awareness about such a sensitive issue. This film is a sincere effort to give a tight slap to our hypocrisy. This movie is needed to shake and brake our immunity towards the wrong happenings around.
Be sensitive.. be human.. slap your vote against BLACK HOME. 
India stands third in the world for rape.. shame !! Every 20 minute a girl is raped in India .. shame !! Every year minimum 5 lakh children are forced in to sex trade.. I am not feeling proud to make a movie on this subject rather it is more of pain to make it.

It's a research based film..

1 ) Realisation of what we have in our life is much better than the girls living in remand homes, so be thankful to our parents and god.

2) The society should know the facts that the life in remand home is not so easy.. Its a struggle of survival and hunger.

3) We all love A/C and luxurious life.. but this is also a part of our society and still we conveniently ignore this life.

4) Its high time to think about it.. So open your eyes and think about it.. and support this film which is for a good cause.

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